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Bio : Alberto Blanchart

Jeune peintre / photographe Espagnole, vie à Barcelone

(Madrid Spain, 1971) photographer, comic book artist, strip cartoonist and painter.

He studied in la Escuela de Artes Aplicadas y Oficios Artísticos (Llotja) de Barcelona. (1990-1995) and

learned from Xavier Canals teacher in Image Semiotics and from Toni Miró, teacher in Pictures and

Illustration Techniques

In 1995 he was entitled Technician in Professional Photography

Initially he was influenced by relevant cartoonists like Mike Mignola, Bill Sienkiewicz or Frank Miller,

and as long as he was making progress in his in depth studies both in aesthetics and conceptual

knowledge, he was impressed by the work of Vicente Segrelles.

Of his work as a painter and cartoonist, Blanchart took his touch of fantastic surrealism full of unusual

findings. Slowly but consistently he left his initial influences applying his personal point of view inspired

in the so called, black cinema as in Gilda, with surprising angles and contrasts which give name to the


Always searching for new ways of artistic expression, he started studies in Espai de la Fotografía

"Francesc Català Roca" where he discovered the work of photographers like Robert Capa and Henri


This influences and studies made him evolve to search new perspectives and technologies, finding the

assembly of light and shadow. His projects are centred in abstract new plastic compromises.

Giving a twist to his career turns his interest in new art forms, scrawled on the walls, influenced by

Obey, Suso 33, Banksy, Cope2, Invader, using them only as a reference, seeking a new life drawing

on the walls of the large cities, picking through demos what to consider dirt, there is a new concept



2016 - Hell Gallery. Urban Integration

2015 - Artevistas Gallery. Urban Art Proyect

2014 - Gallery B & Barock. Introduction Project Gaia Dream - Brussels

2013 - Pop Up Gallery - Antonio Climent. Collective Exhibition Art Avui.

- Silvia Sennacheribbo Gallery - Barcelona. Collective.

2012 - Pop Up Gallery - Antonio Climent – Barcelona. other worlds

 - Pop Up Gallery - Antonio Climent - Barcelona. Collective Exhibition 20PuntoCero

- Casa Erizadle – Barcelona. Collective 20Punto cero

2011 - Exhibition Hall - Flower of Grace -. Barcelona

2010 - Space Soller - exhibition of new work - Barcelona

2009 - Smart Stuff in the room - new work - Barcelona

 - Carmar space – Reflection – Barcelona

Between the years 1990 and 1998 has made exhibitions in centers like Francesc Català Roca, the

room Golferics